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About us - How Does it Work?

WSOF leverages BountyFishing’s remote fishing tournament technology (the only legitimate online fishing tournament platform).

Verification of your catch

BountyFishing has exclusive rights for the world's most advanced digital forensics software. This software is based on counterfeit digital image detection, used by top law enforcement agencies. BountyFishing's patent pending measuring technology is used to validate winners in the tournaments.

Here is how it works

  • After your images are uploaded to our database, they are imported into the BountyFishing Forensics software.
  • The software first detects the image’s authenticity to ensure it is the original photo.
  • Using the human eye and other reference points in the photo of you holding your catch, the software verifies the accuracy of your ruler.
  • Finally the length of your fish is measured and validated from the image of the fish and ruler.

For more information, check-out BountyFishing – how we validate