Win cash catching fish.
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How To compete - FAQ

Q. Is this some type of computer game or virtual fishing contest?

A. No, this is real fishing in real water with real fish. Think of it like a fishing tournament you see on television, only instead of weighing dying fish at the end of the day, we use proprietary technology to determine who caught the biggest fish from uploaded photographs of the fish. Turns-out the fish are pretty big fans our instant catch-and-release format.

Q. How do I know this is legitimate?

A. The WSOF contest is being run by BountyFishing. We've already held over 500 fishing tournaments based on this technology and paid-out over $250,000 in cash prizes to date.

Q. What species of fish are included in the competition?

A. The first WSOF species is the Largemouth Bass. If you like Bass fishing, join today. We're also taking votes for the next species to hit the WSOF. If you want to compete, but Bass is not your thing, sign-up for free and fill-out the species voting section.

Q. Who can compete?

A. To compete you must meet the following criteria:
1. Be 18-years-old or older
2. Be a resident of the United States or Canada, except for residents in prohibited states / provinces: Vermont, Maryland, North Dakota, South Dakota, Delaware, Colorado, Tennessee, Quebec and Mexico.

Q. Can I really compete anytime?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I really compete anywhere?

A. If it's a body of water that you can legally fish in and it's accessible to the public - it can be your tournament headquarters.

Q. How can BountyFishing determine who caught the biggest fish?

A. We have special technology.

Q. What's the difference between free and premium?

A. Free signup allows you to compete for the monthly big fish contests. Premium members build their livewell throughout the year competing the in the 5-fish total qualifier for the championship event. Premium members can win the bigger cash prizes, the title, the ring, the glory.

Q. How long does the contest run?

A. The qualifying events run monthly starting July 1, 2011 and ending June 30, 2012. The Championship event runs July 1, 2012 - July 31, 2012.

Q. What's a qualifier?

A. The big prizes will be won during the Championship event. Premium members submit their catches during the 12 months leading-up to that event in order to qualify to compete in the Championship event.